About Fibre

Our Business Internet Fibre provides high-speed Internet access to businesses, whether you are a small start-up or a large enterprise with higher bandwidth requirements. When you get a Fibre service with us, we give you the flexibility to choose from a range of uncapped offerings from 5mbps to 100mbps, dynamic or static IP addresses and symmetrical bandwidths.

Ultramodern Communication Technology.

Optic fibre is the latest and most efficient medium of encoding and decoding information on the web.

Fibre Offers Quicker internet speeds.

Fibre provides very high speed bandwidth and capacity, ensuring a seamless internet experience and reaching speeds of up to 200Mbps.

Live Streaming

Watch Netflix and Youtube, and enjoy big screen surfing on your TV in the comfort of your home. Our fibre enables your smart TV to make the best of its functionality.

Smarter capabilities

Sync your smart devices with our dependable fibre network and enjoy an easy, stress-free lifestyle, from the comfort of your own home.

An office away from the office

With more and more people working from home, making your home office run as well as any business is effortless with our superior fibre connection.

Better gaming Experience

Play your favourite games online with faster loading speeds and a smoother experience, whether you are a racer, a shooter or a role-play fanatic. Explore the fun.

Choose the perfect Business LTE plan

**Please note, the below pricing only applies to business.









Per month



Per month

** Prices subject to change according to ISP.

BroadBand Wireless

Enjoy fast speeds from 4Mbps to 80Mbps, monthly capped and uncapped plans available, high availability – no copper lines required! Faster installation times.

Why should I get Business Internet Wireless?

Here are a few great reasons why you should be using our Business Internet Wireless to connect your business

Faster Internet connection speed

Reliable and fast Business Internet speeds ranging from 4Mbps to 80Mbps and uncapped service plans at fixed Broadband Internet rates. Also choose from capped service plans ranging from 20GB to 50GB.

One-stop business connect

No matter which service plan you choose, we will install all the necessary equipment including our versatile Business Internet. You can also order value-added services such as VoIP and basic cloud services.

Business Internet Wireless Promotional Pricing

Our Wireless link’s are symmetrical.

Plan24 Month Contract Incl VAT
Installation applicable
36 Month Contract Incl VAT
Installation applicable
AUP ( GB )
4Mbps UncappedR 599.00R 499.00334
8Mbps UncappedR 799.00R 699.00440
10Mbps UncappedR 999.00R 865.00495
20Mbps UncappedR1199.00R 1025.00894
40Mbps UncappedR 1 499.00R 1255.001432
80Mbps UncappedR 2899.00R 2340.002148

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